SBRA is servicing members by engaging in core activities and permanent projects, as well as by involvement in EU – funded projects.

Support in EU Funding

  • Consulting on relevant EU funding programmes and EU calls for proposals mainly in the domain of research and innovation;
  • Advising on EU tenders and calls for local municipalities and cities, as well as SMEs and larger enterprises;
  • Informing on partner search and networking with potential partners;
  • Support in preparation of project proposals;
  • Partnership building and project development;
  • Communication with relevant EU institutions and other organisations in the phase of preparing project proposals;
  • Organisation of national information days in Slovenia for Horizon Europe and other EU programmes;
  • Dissemination of project results;
  • Management of projects on behalf of member or participation as a project partner.

Promotion of Members & Logistics Support

  • Promotion of members in research and innovation networks;
  • Organisation of study trips;
  • Organisation of meetings, seminars, exhibitions, conferences and other events domestically and internationally in order to promote members;
  • Supporting the interests of its members and acting as their representative in European associations, EU institutions, and networks;
  • Providing office space and meeting rooms for its members when in Brussels.

Networking (Secretariat/Membership)

  • Secretariat of Network of European Financial Institutions for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (NEFI)
  • Secretariat of Knowledge Economy Network (KEN)
  • Membership in IGLO (Informal Group of RTD Liaison Offices), ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network) and UnILiON (Universities Informal Liaison Offices Network)

Information Services

  • Weekly e-news bulletin in Slovenian - ‘Tedenske e-novice’
  • Occasional briefs for members (weekly – 2-3 pages on key events and issues in Slovenian Language)
  • Informing members on economic developments and trends in research, development and innovation;
  • Monitoring  and analysing the EU legislation, good practices and initiatives, relevant for our members;
  • Providing up-to-date targeted information on EU funding programmes, future calls for proposals and trends in EU funding opportunities with the particular focus on Horizon Europe;
  • Analyses of pertinent issues, on-demand preparation of larger briefs, alerts and advice to members on specific topics.