The Slovenian Business & Research Association (SBRA) is in part financed by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARIS), which allows it to play an important role in promoting Slovenian achievements and efforts in Brussels and beyond.

The main activities SBRA carries out for the promotion of Slovenian science are:

1. Organisation of major international events on scientific research topics in Brussels and Slovenia by

  • presenting Slovenian research achievement;
  • promoting Slovenian scientific research policy;
  • providing information on current scientific research and innovation issues at EU level;
  • providing information on EU funding for research and innovation, and;
  • connecting research organisations and form project consortia for scientific research and innovation projects.

2. Involving Slovenian research organisations in international scientific research consortia by

  • regularly informing organisations about opportunities to participate in research partnerships, and;
  • sending detailed offers for participation in project consortia.

3. Participation in the working groups of the international research networks (ERRIN, IGLO, UnILiON, Vanguard and ENDR), through which SBRA

  • receives early information on EU research and innovation initiatives;
  • networks with other scientific research and innovation organisations;
  • represents the views of the Slovenian scientific, research and innovation community;
  • has access to representatives of the EU institutions and;
  • directly promotes Slovenian scientists, researchers and innovators.

4. Organisation of the annual delegation of Slovenian scientists to Brussels with the aim of familiarising Slovenian researchers with EU scientific research programmes and policies, promoting Slovenian research, facilitating networking opportunities and presenting project ideas.

5. Regular updates for scientific research organisations through the weekly e-newsletter on

  • upcoming and current calls for proposals;
  • news in the field of scientific research and innovation;
  • important events;
  • latest publications;
  • various conferences;
  • EU public debates and;
  • European policies and legislation on research and innovation and higher education at EU level.

6. Promotion of Slovenian research and innovation achievements in the publication MOST:

  • a colour printed publication sent twice a year to 3000 addresses of various associations, institutions, etc.