Priorities of the Slovenian Presidency in Science, Research & Innovation

Priorities of the Slovenian Presidency
in Science, Research & Innovation

7 May 2021  I  10:00 – 11:30
Online via WebEx

Starting on 1 July, Slovenia will preside over the Council of the European Union for the second time. Slovenia's presidency has established a greener EU as one of its key priority themes. Following the European Commission’s 2021 Work Programme, it will engage in addressing climate change and support initiatives to reach environmental goals. The green transformation will be paired with further efforts to strengthen the bloc's resilience to different kinds of crises, which include pandemics, cyber-attacks, migration and economic crises, among others.

This particular webinar placed special emphasis on the priorities of science and technology and related disciplines. Times of crises can offer a renewed resolve and the coming decade can offer new opportunities which can be used efficiently to achieve substantial sustainable progress in strategic areas such as upgrading research infrastructure, as well as other activities supporting and enabling excellence  in science and research.

A detailed programme is available here, over 100 participants joined us on 7 May 2021. Below you will find the presentations and recording of the event.