Slovenian Business & Research Association co-organizes workshop in the European Parliament

On 30 June, a roundtable workshop on the “Economics of Prevention and Improved Public Health” was co-organized by the Slovenian Business & Research Association (SBRA) and the Knowledge Economy Network (KEN), and hosted by MEP Alojz Peterle in the European Parliament. Over 40 participants attended the event, they were joined by several high profile MEPs, including former president of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek, Heinz K. Becker, Victor Negrescu and Slovenia's first democratically elected president Alojz Peterle. During the workshop, trends and challenges in forming public health were discussed. The goal was to create a platform for EU politics, which will follow the goals of the European health strategy. 

The EU Health Strategy “Together for Health” complements the Europe 2020 strategy and represents the third European Union’s health program since 2014. The first among the four key points is promoting health, disease prevention and creating a more stimulating environment for a healthy lifestyle. At the same time caring for health is a part of this year’s “European Year for Development”. The European 2020 strategy and the Lisbon treaty oblige European institutions and Member States to protect the individual’s health when adopting EU policies. A healthy population is a necessary prerequisite for a successful, sustainable and inclusive economy.

Along with other examples of good practices, the Slovenian solution 24alife - an innovative mobile health application developed by SBRA member Development Centre RC IKTS Žalec - was presented. Developed in Slovenia, 24alife is designed with the help of Slovenian experts together with colleagues from abroad. 24alife is a solution that guides the user towards a healthier lifestyle. It helps achieve goals in fields of: sports, balanced nutrition, general health and personal hardiness. 24alife is available free as a mobile application and internet portal accessible at Being one of the first in the world they combine knowledge of experts from medicine, psychology, sports and nutrition in one project and assure a better quality of life for the user.

Alojz Peterle, MEP and co-chair to the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) stated: “Health is one of the most important values of European citizens, who also expect more from the European Union in this area. A healthy lifestyle is primarily a responsibility of every individual, but he or she also needs a supportive environment. Responsible and healthy living of individuals should be rewarded, and vice versa.  Company management also share in responsibility for health of their workers and employees, particularly to reduce stress levels.  Also during this term I strive for better health in the European Union and I welcome Slovenian good practice cases for the prevention and healthy lifestyle, which will help us shape European policies for public health”.

President of the Slovenian Business & Research Association, Prof. Dr. Draško Veselinovič wholeheartedly agreed, and reiterated that our influence over quality and duration of life has never been as big as today, but that we are using this unprecedented potential insufficiently and ineffectively, making the current system financially unsustainable.